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Website (Web Application) Development

Smart Web Application Development AT GenexTek Solutions :

Smart web applications are the most dynamic websites developed by GenexTek with server side strategic programming languages that can provide very advanced functionalities like quick and smooth interaction with users, connected with very well structured databases and result oriented on different browsers.

Creating of Web Applications process is done with two main level of programming :
I. Client Side Programming – Programming that are executed and interpreted by browser side with a series of technology and accessible by users.

    Common Client Side programming languages are :
  • HTML - HyperText Markup Language
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • jQuery - JavaScript Framework Library
  • Angular - A Structural framework used to develop dynamic Web applications.

II.Server Side Programming  – Programming that are executed and interpreted by web server side and are not accessible by users.

    Common Server Side programming languages are :
  • PHP - Linux / Unix based - combines with MySQL database
  • ASP - Microsoft Web Server programming language
  • ColdFusion - Adobe's Web Application Framework
  • Ruby on Rails - Web Application development Framework
  • Perl - High-level programming language
  • Python - High-level programming language

GenexTek’s Web Application Development Process Includes :

We are more indulge towards smart Web Application Development Process that initiate with a practical process and professional approach in web application development.

    The process and approach we follow to make a great dynamic user oriented web applications are :
  • Documentation : Detailed analysis of actual requirements in final web application.
  • Purpose, Vision & Goals of development of web application.
  • Research analysis to target the better scope and user friendly structured web application.
  • Developing functionally oriented database and data flow documents for web development.
  • Project maintenance, management and team assigning document.
  • Technical requirements, database structures, data flow development, security requirements, expansion and growth planning, backups, server integration, technology upgradation and testing tools analysis of web development process will do by GenexTek.
  • Analysis and selection of third party requirements such as - Merchant Accounts, Servers, any external software integration, Payment Gateway, SSL Certificate, checkout system, any dynamic erp system integration, etc.
  • Web design layout, UAT, user experience analysis, visual guide, framing etc.
  • Data flow diagrams, database Structure for better Web Application Development.
  • Most importantly Testing part : web application Quality check, Browser Compatibility check, layers of Security integrated, web performance - Load Testing, SEO friendly testing, etc.
  • Web application Maintenance & support by GenexTek’s most dedicated after sales team.

GenexTek’s Web Application Testing Tools:

Most important part after development is testing, sometime tools took more time to test the developed web application by taking in mind the goals and objective of web application. We take testing very seriously as web application should get desired results.

    Some of the common testing tools and process needed are:
  • Errors, bug testing and Quality of codes testing.
  • Browser Compatibility integration testing.
  • Layer of Security check.
  • Web application desired Performance - Load and SEO friendly structure Testing
  • User experience and usability of web application testing.

Some Examples of Web Applications Developed by GenexTek :

  • Educational organizations Web application.
  • Video streaming Network / Player development.
  • Business informative websites.
  • Social Networking.
  • Online reservation systems.
  • E- Commerce platforms.
  • Content Management systems.
  • SAP – ERP systems.
  • Online Training.
  • Online competitive examinations. ETC…

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