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Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application Development AT GenexTek Solutions :

Digital technology rapidly changing it’s way of doing business worldwide. Demand of Mobile application is multiplied in last five years by the dynamic business processes. As your IT partner GenexTek will design and develop quality mobile applications depending on your business needs. GenexTek offers mobile application development for all platforms like – Android, IOS and Windows. Your individual demands and business betterment is our priority, our dedicated team is working 24x7 to develop your most creative and advanced mobile applications. We use latest technology and advanced tools to develop highly dynamic, customized mobile applications for successful business process.

Why Do You Choose GenexTek ?

Advanced technology with creative approach.

Dynamic and custom mobile applications by keeping in mind the individual and organization demands.

High quality mobile applications with targeted approach.

Most experienced mobile application personnel.

Different platforms custom mobile application development.

Very cost effective and time bound without compromising on quality of mobile applications.

GenexTek’s Mobile Applications Development Process includes :


Designing and functioning analysis at foundation level is most important process of any application development, so it is very important to build the wireframes before starting the development process. At the process of wireframing application UX expert and developer have to brainstorm with the app owner to completely understand the requirements and business needs, to build the quality application.

UX screen Design and Programming

Next important process is developing the UX for all platforms (Android, IOS & Windows). UX specialist will understand and make the screen designs, navigation, and functions required for each screens. And after that programming is initiated to develop the quality mobile applications.

Application Database structure

Back-end database and data flow structure is the most important process of developing applications. By analysis of requirements and motive of apps, we develop the structure (back-end) by also taking in mind the load compatibility of applications.

APIs Development Process

Developing all the APIs of all modules and functionality compatible to all screen sizes and user friendly is initiated in the process of application development.

Versions and Multi-platforms QA

Regular testing of application is done very smartly by GenexTek for all platforms (Android, IOS and Windows) by keeping in mind the OS versions and compatibility with old versions also. Also compatibility check with different devices also performed by Genextek.


Final testing is done by using various tools and manually is done by GenexTek mobile application experts and fix all the bugs found before process further.


Final deployment of application to server / cloud given by GenexTek

Application Submit to Stores

Final submission of signed codes to app stores of different platforms.

GenexTek’s Hybrid and Native Mobile Application

We develop both Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications, We discuss below with some specifications :

GenexTek’s Native Application :

Most of the applications generally build are native applications. Native applications generally written on platform based languages. Java is used to develop Android applications, Swift OR Objective C is used to develop IOS applications etc.

Why native apps :

Responsive and Fast applications could be developed.

Wider levels of functionality can be integrated

Push notifications can be integrated.

User friendly and custom UI/UX with many platforms

GenexTek’s Hybrid Application :

Hybrid mobile applications development are quite similar like web application development process. Most of the time if you need quick and cost-effective mobile application, we recommend to go for hybrid mobile applications.

Why Hybrid apps :

Easy and quickly to build as compare to native apps.

Reliably lower cost as compare to Native apps.

Single codebase to manage with web apps.

Single server side technologies can be used.

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