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IT Enterprise Service & Solutions


IT Enterprise Systems AT GenexTek Solutions :

Enterprise systems are the compilation of automated system applications, made to support the business process, data & information flow, performance analysis in small as well as big organizations. At GenexTek we make the most result-oriented & business specific customized applications, support to overall performance and growth of the organization.

Genextek’s Primary IT Enterprise Systems Are as :


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) :

Customer Relationship Management system is an automated application evolved to increase the sales performance and organization’s customers management effectively. CRM is the most automated customer management tool used to identify customer needs and behavior about the products and services any organization offering. CRM always leads to support better marketing plans and sales forecast strategies for overall company’s performance in the market. GenexTek’s customized CRM tool offers with the most advanced features compiled with Management information System features (MIS) , Business Intelligence (BI) and fully dynamic models tailored with organization’s needs.

GenexTek’s CRM with vibrant features as :

Automated sales performance.

Customers behavior Analytics.

Sales Forecasts intelligence.

Inventory and sales process management.

Artificial intelligence. etc…


Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) :

Enterprise Resource planning is an automated tool for management of core business process and operations in real-time. ERP is a custom build software compiled with vibrant applications for any organization used to manage, store data, inventory process and internal business process with various activities. ERP system store and manage many resources like – cash flow, inventory, raw materials, final products & services, employee records, clients management, orders etc. GenexTek’s dedicated ERP systems are the most advanced & best in class customized developed according to strategic business process and internal process management of any organization.


Supply Chain Management (SCM) :

SCM is the process of management of products and services from it’s origin to final consumption to the clients in the market. GenexTek’s SCM software developed to manage the customer needs and intelligent process management of activities for different needs of organization. For rapid business process transformation organization needs to integrate advanced supply chain process to compete with the changing market needs and demands. Our automated SCM software developed with better management of manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and retailors.

GenexTek’s IT Enterprises Services & Solutions automated systems for organizations various benefits as :

Business data management in result oriented form.

Customers behavior and management process for organization.

Reliable automated software for company’s business process & management.

Real-Time automated software for better performance.

Operational cost reduction with better business process.

Best-in-class automated customized business intelligence software.

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